Buying a samsung galaxy tablet for school?

Question by Cuscatleco: Buying a samsung galaxy tablet for school?
I need to buy something to take notes and maybe do research in class im just starting college im a 18 year old boy

I already have a laptop but it kinda sucks I should of invested in something better

would it be a better idea to get a tablet and which kind Im thinking of getting one that sprint provides service for since I have them as my cellphone carrier

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Answer by AznFiter
I would recommend a laptop over a tablet, but you should custom build it. If you’re sure you want a tablet, you should get the Motorola Xoom. You should only get 3G if you’re sure you want to use your tablet everywhere. More and more places today are offering free Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi is way faster than 3G. 3G comes with a monthly bill, but Wi-Fi doesn’t.

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