Dual or Quad core? – Gaming?

Question by I Want My Nation Back!: Dual or Quad core? – Gaming?
Hi there!

I want to get a new HP LAPTOP.

I am good with computers so I don’t care if you talk about ghz, cores, RAM, and the video cards, haha.

I can either get a quad core thats 2.0 ghz
a dual core thats 2.5 or 2.66ghz. I forget which.

Which one would be better for running.. say…

Internet with 4 tabs
Mass Effect 2
Star Wars Galaxies II

all at the same time? (This would be the maximum stress I would usually put on it).

I am wondering if .5 ghz really make a difference? would 2.0 quad be a lot better than 2.5 dual?

P.S. Customizing the HP Pavilion here.

Best answer:

Answer by Chris
id go with dual core. It will run pretty well even with those. the quad will prolly run a little slower but handle the programs all running at the same time if that makes since. so say u are running something like itunes and all the rest. the itunes on daul may have a slight lag every now and then (nothing major) but the quad will more than likely hold up good with no little lags but a slower processor obviously so a little lag wont affect as much as a slower processor.

that why I say dual core.

also for gaming we all know that desktops are better unless you are constantly moving around and desktops you can upgrade everything alot easier and make it alot better. But that will cost more.

hope that helped

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