Hot Pink Protector Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy Tab Reviews

Hot Pink Protector Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy Tab

This protector case is custom made for your device. It is made of a high quality plastic that provides great protection for your device. It comes with cutouts that are perfectly designed so that you are able to utilize every function of your phone. This case is perfect for those who want to add some visual flare to their phone and at the same time have the benefit of superb protection!

Price: $ 8.79

BoxWave Samsung Galaxy Tab FlexiSkin – The Soft Low-Profile Case (Jet Black)

  • Newly released! Enhanced with new SmoothTextureTM! SmoothTextureTM makes the Samsung Galaxy Tab FlexiSkin feel softer to the touch and reduces surface dust
  • Soft, low-profile case
  • Form-fitting case designed to perfectly fit your Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Cut-out design for the touch screen so that you can keep the same tactile feel as using the Samsung Galaxy Tab without a case
  • Anti-slip properties gives your handheld more grip on surfaces

BoxWave’s FlexiSkin for the Samsung Galaxy Tab is an ultra low profile skin case designed for complete usability. Precision constructed with anti-static material, the FlexiSkin skin case provides reliable protection from unwanted dust and accidental bumps.Protect your Samsung Galaxy Tab with the anti-dust skin case from the award winning leader in handheld accessories. Experience the FlexiSkin skin case by BoxWave today!

List Price: $ 24.95

Price: $ 14.95