How do I transfer the ebooks I received via email to my Samsung Galaxy Tab?

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by A.J.85

Question by : How do I transfer the ebooks I received via email to my Samsung Galaxy Tab?
I bought my tab two days ago and I still haven’t figured out how to transfer the ebooks I received via email from my laptop to my tab. I’m new to my gadget and I need some instructions. I’ll really appreciate your answers!

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Answer by Laheira2
If the tab didn’t come with software that actually facilitates the process, you have “generic” options, but first things first: you need to know what ebook reading software you’ll be using: Adobe, B&N app, Kindle app, Aidiko, etc. You don’t mention what format are those ebooks in, so I can’t help as to what software you need to read them using your new tab.

After you figure out the above, next step is the actual upload to the tablet:

1. If you can open the email using your tablet, find out the instructions as it pertains to attachments.

If not, do the downloading via your laptop, which you can do in more than one way:

1. Download Calibre, which is free, and use Calibre to organize your ebooks and upload them to the tablet. Simply open the ebook attachments, save them to your computer, and from there, use Calibre to add the book.

2. After the ebook attachments are saved to your laptop, use the same process that you would use with any other devices, if you use a laptop operating Windows:

A. Connect the tab to your computer (probably there is a USB cable there somewhere, right?)

B. Locate the Folder corresponding to your tab, clicking on your My Computer icon on your Desktop. If you can’t find it, click on Start, and you should find the option of My Computer or Computer in the menu. Click on it and locate the folder corresponding to your tab.

C. Open the folder corresponding to your tab. See if there is any named Folder for downloads or books. Store your books there.

READ YOUR GALAXY’S INSTRUCTIONS. If there are none, go online and google it. I am sure that, by now, there must be information in, at least Slatedroid as to how to use your tab, or even a wiki of some sort.

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