How to expand battery life on my Samsung Galaxy S?

Question by Sandesh: How to expand battery life on my Samsung Galaxy S?
I have a Samsung Galaxy S i9000 running Android 2.2.1 and Darky’s rom 9.2 which also means that the phone is rooted. I use it a lot for work and i usually make long days (7:45am – 11:00pm) but I’m always out of battery way before i go home. So my question is: how can i expand my phones battery life?

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Answer by Brian Badonde
Hi i have this phone, i used to have this problem with it aswell, id go to work and by maybe say 4 o clock it would completely run out, what i did was install this app from the market, its called advanced task killer, basicly what this does is kill all the apps which are running in the background,( which you cant see), belive it or not, background tasks waste 47% of the battery!, also, do you have a live wallpaper? if u do id take that of, that wastes alot, and i mean alot of battery, also try and not play alot of apps aswell as that wastes alot of battery,

hope this helped as i had the same problem.


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