HP TouchPad Video Review

HP TouchPad Video Review
First announced early this year, HP’s first webOS tablet, the TouchPad is here. We take a long, hard look at the retail version of TouchPad running shipping software. This is not a review unit, and it’s the same experience …
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HP TouchPad tablet – review
HP TouchPad – the latest contender in the increasingly crowded tablet market – stands out for its neat operating system and cloud integration, though it could do with some more zip By acquiring Palm , HP – the biggest seller of PCs to businesses, and a behemoth in the whole tech world of software and services – also got access to everything that Palm had been doing with webOS, its own follow-up …
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HP TouchPad Goes on Sale in Crowded Market
Hewlett-Packard’s TouchPad tablet went on sale in U.S. stores Friday. It attracted less fanfare than the launch of Apple’s iPad but has drawn some interest from… Presented By: Do you have what it takes?   Ads by Pheedo
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