HTC Desire or wait for Samsung Galaxy S Android?

Question by Leon: HTC Desire or wait for Samsung Galaxy S Android?
Im looking for a new phone for my birthday , im really interested in android phones and the Desire is coming out to Australia this Sunday. I was planning to buy it but then i heard about the Galaxy S release date somewhere around May hopefully, and i really like the screen and the hardware which is almost about the same as the Desire. So should i get the Desire or wait till theres more news on the Samsung, if i am correct theres a Galaxy S and a Galaxy 2.

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Answer by Phillip S
Yes some rumors state that the Galaxy S will come out on May 31st in the UK. Other rumors I read states June 1st for other locations.

Here I’ll compare the main aspects people look for in phones/provide the best one:
–Screen – Galaxy S wins with it’s Super AMOLED 4inch screen vs. the 3.7 inch AMOLED of the Desire
–Processor – Galaxy S hummingbird processor is said to be up to three times faster than the Snapdragon (despite both being 1ghz).
–Camera –
Part 1: Both have 5 megapixel camera but Desire’s has flash (so if the Galaxy S gets flash in it’s cameras before the final product comes out, which I think it will.. just considering the i7900 had revisons between the demo unit and the final product).. in which case it would be tied for this point.
Part 2: The Galaxy S can take 720p videos and stream HD content… the Galaxy S takes the cake!
–Text/typing: Swype beats out the old texting method by far, (see world record for texting) and the reason I’m getting this is due not getting carpal tunnel from this texting input method. But if you prefer you can switch back to the old hunt and peck method anytime you want.
— Form factor: I personally love how the Galaxy S is less than 10mm. It will fit in your pcket nicely.

In conclusion I’d vote Samasung Galaxy S all the way… but that’s just me.

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