iPhone 4 Vs Samsung Galaxy S (GT-i9000) – PART 2

The Samsung Galaxy S, newest Android powered smartphone Versus The IPhone 4 – androidhd.blogspot.com part 2 of the full review : internet – youtube – google earth – google maps – google navigation – gallery … part 1: hardware – home – out – color – video – camcorder – camera….. Samsung Hardware versions : All major wireless providers in the United States have released or announced a distinct variant of the Galaxy S on their network. * T-Mobile: The Samsung Vibrant has a similar feature set to the original Galaxy S, though it does not include a front-facing camera. * AT&T: The Samsung Captivate is similar to the original Galaxy S, though the form factor and case have been redesigned. * Sprint: The Samsung Epic 4G is a modified version of the Galaxy S to include 4G connectivity and a slide-out keyboard. * Verizon: The Samsung Fascinate is a modified version of the original Galaxy S. * US Cellular: An as yet unnamed Galaxy S variant is planned for this carrier. Manufacturer Samsung Electronics Type Candybar smartphone Release date June/July, 2010 Operating system Android 2.1 (Upgradable to 2.2) [1] with TouchWiz UI 3.0 CPU Samsung Hummingbird S5PC110, 1 GHz Storage capacity 8/16 GB (Flash Nand Memory) microSD (up to 32GB supported) Memory 512MB RAM, 2GB Flash Display 4.0″ WVGA Super AMOLED (0.38 Megapixels) with mDNIe Graphics PowerVR SGX 540 Input 5-point[2] Multi-touch capacitive touchscreen display, 3-axis accelerometer, additional 3-axis gyroscope, digital compass
Video Rating: 4 / 5