Is bigger really better?

Question by Ms.Oblivious: Is bigger really better?
I was having a pointless facebook argument with a friend over the Apple iPad. He thinks it’s the greatest thing in the world and I think it’s a peice of crap and that there are better things coming out soon (ex. Galaxy Tab, Playbook).

When I started looking into it, it seems like Apple wasn’t worried about their future “tablet war” compotition. Their reason: The screen is 9 inches. This happens to be one of the reasons why I don’t the the iPad in the first place. It’s huge and heavy.

My question is would you rather have a larger tablet or a smaller one.

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Answer by Nikolas Stow
Actually the iPad is very slim and lightweight. It has over 250,000 apps in the appstore and almost 100,000 made for the ipad and it’s display. on the other hand, the Galaxy Tab is heavy and thick, and still can’t fit in your pocket. Has under 5,000 apps and what’s the use of carry a backpack just to put a heavy tablet that almost fits in you pocket but just doesn’t

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