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Samsung Galaxy Tab: the new 7″ Android toy 🙂
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Sprint Sells Galaxy Tab For 0 Starting Nov. 14
Sprint has undercut Verizon’s pricing for the Samsung Galaxy Tab by a whole 0, and announced that it will sell the tablet for 0 starting November 14. Now you can actually buy a Galaxy Tab for less than the entry price of an Apple iPad (9), something that could prove a boon for sales of Samsung’s tablet. That’s of course, if you are up for signing another two-year contract with a …
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T-Mobile Gets First Dibs on Galaxy Tab: November 10th For 0 [Galaxy Tab]
Unless AT&T announces that they’re shipping the Galaxy Tab within the next three weeks, your first chance to get your hands on Samsung’s Android tablet will be through T-Mobile on November 10th for 0 with a two-year contract. Sounds right to us, especially with Sprint charging the same . Sprint will have the device on November 14th, Verizon on the 11th. More »
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Galaxy Tab Costs Less than an iPad (With a Sprint Contract)
Another U.S. mobile carrier has revealed its pricing for Samsung’s Android-based tablet. At Sprint, the Galaxy Tab will cost 9.99 with a two-year service agreement.
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