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Samsung sells over 600,000 Galaxy Tabs in one month
According to a report in the Korean Herald, Samsung has managed to sell over 600,000 Galaxy Tabs since the device launched last month. While it’s a few hundred thousand short of the one million iPads Apple managed sell during that device’s first month on the market, Samsung has to be pleased by the figure. The company had previously announced a goal of a million Tabs sold by the end of the year …
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Android Gingerbread Getting New Icons, Camera Interface?
Samsung is working on a revamped TouchWIZ with new icons, camera interface and virtual keyboard. Will Android Gingerbread get similar improvements?
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Continuum phone’s secondary display isn’t much use, says review
Samsung’s Continuum has a lot going for it, but the phone lives up to its name by essentially supplying a Samsung Fascinate, but with screen size sacrificed for a largely useless secondary ticker display, says this eWEEK review.
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