Operating System Info

Although the samsung galaxy tab is still fresh out on the market there are already speculations as to which will be the dominant operating system it will use. Currently it uses the famous android system which is widely popular among mobile technology users but there are rumors circulating that it may be replaced by Google’s forthcoming Chrome Operating system. This is still “a rumor” so I will give you the pros and cons of the current android OS that the galaxy tab uses:


  • It’s wildly successful on smartphones.
  • It’s already on tablets, and Samsung has already said it’s planning on upgrading the Galaxy Tab to 3.0, which may be more tablet-friendly.
  • Compatibility with Android Market and the many thousands of apps available there.
  • Less reliance on the cloud, which may be more realistic for most current connectivity and usage situations.


  • Froyo is not designed for tablets, and we don’t actually know for sure that Gingerbread will be any better.
  • Google may have already decided to push Chrome OS in the tablet space instead of Android, as evidenced by select executive comments.
  • With its early focus on smartphones, file storage and other computer-like functions could be more cumbersome.