Q&A: Looking for a Touch Tablet preferably 10 inches?

Question by Peter Mu: Looking for a Touch Tablet preferably 10 inches?
I need a tablet for note taking and I am looking for a multitouch tablet that is similar to the ipad. Im thinking of something 10 inches, multitouch, camera and usb that supports stylus well and also doesnt lag. I really like the Blackberry Playbook coming up but 7 inch seems a bit too small for my liking. The Samsung Galaxy also seems a bit too small. I have been doing som research, so far, the hanvon b10 seems the beastiest but I live in Canada so I’d have to get this by mail from asia and its pretty costly for just a 10in tablet. Does anyone know any touch tablets that may suit note taking?

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Answer by Alan L
Have you checked out the HP Slate 500? It’s not quite as powerful as a regular laptop but it’s more powerful than most tablets. I might have given this a try if it was available when I was looking for a small portable.


I use an HP tx2z as my main laptop and like it’s convertible Tablet PC functions but there are times where I just want to get on right away and still be very mobile. I tried using an iPad and a netvertible (touchscreen netbook) and wasn’t very happy. Taking meeting notes on an iPad was a fail and the touch netbooks were too slow. My end solution was a 10″ netbook (ASUS 1018P) with a Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch Tablet using Microsoft OneNote. I wouldn’t use it as my main computer but for cheap portability and handwriting capability it worked well as a companion to my desktop and tablet pc.

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