Q&A: Quad or Dual? HELP!!!!?

Question by I Want My Nation Back!: Quad or Dual? HELP!!!!?
Hi there!

I want to get a new HP LAPTOP.

I am good with computers so I don’t care if you talk about ghz, cores, RAM, and the video cards, haha.

I can either get a quad core thats 2.0 ghz
a dual core thats 2.5 or 2.66ghz. I forget which.

Which one would be better for running.. say…

Internet with 4 tabs
Mass Effect 2
Star Wars Galaxies II

all at the same time? (This would be the maximum stress I would usually put on it).

I am wondering if .5 ghz really make a difference? would 2.0 quad be a lot better than 2.5 dual?

P.S. Customizing the HP Pavilion here.

go to this link for the specs

Best answer:

Answer by porjaymaspazzatron
The dual-core may be faster, but the added benefit of a quad-core is much more than that, especially if you’re dealing with Intel’s “i” series (i3, i5, i7) so get teh quad core.

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