Q&A: Samsung Galaxy Tab Just a few question?

Question by : Samsung Galaxy Tab Just a few question?
Is the samsung galaxy tab the same as the v10.1 galaxy tab ( a new android software on the samsung galaxy tab) or is it another tablet . Does the tab support adobe flash
And is it as good as the ipad

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Answer by Jack Owens
wow… lots of questions… the answer to your first question is no. the galaxy tab original is 7 inches and is quite a bit different from the galaxy tab 10. the 10 inch has android honeycomb (3.1) while the 7 inch has android froyo (2.2). both tabs DO support adobe flash 10.3 (the newest version) but the tab original is slower overall as it is not dual core and as new.. both tablets are good ipad alternatives, probably the best actually. i have a galaxy tab 7 and love it! i would say if you want a 7 inch tablet, it’s the best for the price, features, speed, etc. for a ten inch, get the ipad 2 as it is the same price as the tab 10 inch but way more popular and IOS is a very well rounded OS. that is personal opinion, but since i have never tried the 10 inch tab, i honestly can’t make a huge comparison. no matter which one you decide on getting, all three are AMAZING tablets and are the best right now.

good luck!!!!!

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