Q&A: which pmp should i buy?

Question by csaisem: which pmp should i buy?
i am choosing between ipod touch 4g 32gb, samsung galaxy player 50, or archos 43 internet tablet
details of the galaxy are a little foggy though

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Answer by Joshua
I would definately suggest Apple iPod touch 32GB (4th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

1.Wi-Fi capable Facetime (video chat with no 3G)
2.Game Center (challenge your friends play games and so much more)
3.About 50% thinner (0.28in;7.2mm)
4.Apple A4 processor chip faster than ever)
5.HD video recording
6.Retina Display (Pixels at 78 micrometers wide packing 326 pixels per inch)
7.Voice Control ( control your music with your voice)
8.iBooks (your own personal bookstore and reader)
9.iMovie (movie editing program redesigned for ipod touch)
10.Multitasking (Switch instantly between your favorite apps)
11.Folders (Make more room on your home screens for you favorite apps)

1)More expensive than the last gen
2)Not out yet

Also check out at Ebay

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