Samsung, Apple more friends than enemies

Samsung, Apple more friends than enemies
HONG KONG: Apple has the iPhone and the iPad, Samsung has several smartphones and its new Galaxy Tab computer – wherever Apple goes these days, it seems, the South Korean giant is sure to follow. But, analysts say, the tech heavyweight rivals are not so much heading into battle as strolling hand in hand into an ever more profitable future. “Apple and Samsung have a very good relationship,” Young …
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Success of iPad leads to surgein tablets
Apple’s iPad is a runaway success. In the first 80 days of sales, Apple sold 3 million iPads. In comparison, iPhone sales in the first 80 days were a paltry 1 million.
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Samsung Electronics to Delay Tablet PC’s Korea Debut for Apps
Samsung Electronics Co. will delay the introduction of its Galaxy Tab tablet computer in South Korea to equip the device with better localized applications for the domestic market, the company said.
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