Samsung Galaxy S Neocore benchmark

The new Samsung Galaxy S running Neocore beside a Nexus One and HTC Desire both on Android 2.1.
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The Carphone Warehouse Eyeopeners – The Samsung Galaxy S is set apart by its huge, vibrant screen and heaps of smartphone features. Samsung has played to its strengths by delivering great hardware and mostly leaving the software side of things to Google’s Android operating system. The Galaxy S’ screen is a 4-inch Super AMOLED and yet the handset is light at only 119g. The super AMOLED screen means that we get insanely bright colours but none of the problems that arise with regular AMOLED screens which become invisible in bright sunlight and the 480 X 800 pixel resolution is pin sharp. The Galaxy S’ hardware lives up to the promise of the screen with HSUPA connectivity ensuring fast Web surfing over 3G, while Wi-Fi works when you have large files to swap. You can even wirelessly share your phone’s 3G connection with your other Wi-Fi devices, such as your laptop, thanks to the tethering feature. The Galaxy S offers 8GB or 16GB of internal memory, plus the ability to add up to 32GB more with a microSD card. The Galaxy S has 5-megapixel camera which takes decent photos in good light. If you want good detail, it is advisable to use the flash or a LED photo light. With speedy surfing capability and a 1GHz processor, the Galaxy S is generally fast. Menu transitions are smooth and responsive and using a quick pinch of the fingers lets you zoom into the Web browser, maps and gallery applications. There’s also an FM radio on-board, and, if you have a
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