should i buy a used nexus one for $400 or wait for samsung galaxy on at&t?

Question by mykrowsy: should i buy a used nexus one for 0 or wait for samsung galaxy on at&t?
I am about to purchase a used nexus one built for at&t for 0 off Craigslist, but i’m unsure of the warranty transferrablility and problems with the phone. I currently have a really cheap unlimited data plan which will save me money every month over an iphone or the upcoming Samsung Galaxy. Should I buy the used Nexus One, or wait for the samsung?

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Answer by sdy284
I’d go with the Samsung Captivate (thats the name for the Galaxy S on ATT). I actually have a Nexus One myself and every time I look at the specs on the Galaxy S I wish I would’ve waited for the phone:

The screen is supposed to be incredible and the 1GHz “Hummingbird” processor has performed better in benchmarks than the Nexus’ 1GHz Snapdragon processor.

Even better news is that AT&T won’t be restricting features on the Captivate like they did on the HTC Aria.

The only question mark will be how much the phone costs without a contract, you might not like the price.

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