Why are there so many different Gods in cultures but one is credible,a book that has no authors but gibberish?

Question by Proud Human: Why are there so many different Gods in cultures but one is credible,a book that has no authors but gibberish?
The bible is about this jewish people making a God and in the image of a single species like, and behold it was a human after all of the species in the whole universe. A universe filled with billions upon billions of galaxies with billions of stars within it. A God that ruled all this grand universe. And we, just tiny speck of dust in the cosmic universe.

More than likely, it is man invention of a God. Like any other culture. God’s were before us by men’s imagination and nothing else. Any species that have evolved enough to think abstractly, will have abstract imagination. To an animal there is no such thing as a God for one cannot think of such a being. However to a man not only is there one God but countless of God’s by different names.

My only philosophical question I have about a God is.

If by many names we call the same God, but why oh but why (has thou created religions) not share similar beliefs?

Three religions that I know that saith speak it of thou same God, but behold they do not follow same teachings.

One of em. Hebrews or Jews, what ever. Talks of a God, the children of Israel and God’s chosen people. Who reveals his commandments to Moses in Mount Sinai. Who the Jews belief in a absolute singularity of God. No idolization of anything else but God alone.

Which then the followers of a person called Jesus, the Christ. The messiah that has come have then been written that even his own people crucified him. And not only he is being worship and idolized he is being as the same nature as thou father and more in the trinity that no one can understand clearly but well embraced. Am I the son or am I the son and father. Which many people argue about.

Then again, Allah. The Arabic name for God. The Islamic Religion. Now this person Jesus is not the son but a great prophet messenger but not greater then Muhammad who is the last prophet and clears all this shenanigans that has been corrupted and clears it up.

But no there is another a quad sequel to the Religion or Religions. The Mormons and there magical underwear captain Joseph Smith. Who was famous for his tall tales but no more taller than his magical pants i believe because it is just bs and ass. Din’t matter if he craped it out or not he just took it out and told it out loud. He found a magical golden tablets and then he magical or miraculously translated it. This was then the Latter Day Saint movement.

All of this and I most truly definitely believe it all Gods in history were created by mans imagination.
Matthew if God revealed himself to only one sort of people. That makes him a prejudice God and left everyone out of the bout. He left mankind to tell or not tell the truth and all who has not heard the Word of God shall parish if not believed Jesus is the way.

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Answer by ol’ dirty bingo caller
there are thousands of gods/goddesses who pre-date the abrahamic god… many of whom are said to have the same attributes.. such as having created the universe..

edit: the jesus story is a plagiarization

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