MM169: New iOS 4.2 Features, Twitter 2.0, Samsung Galaxy Tab

It’s been another intersting week for Apple and especially the iPad and iPhone (again) as we had the lucky chance to have a sneak peak at iOS 4.2, which is coming to the iPad, the iPhone and the iPod Touch in November. That said, there were definitely some surprises that Steve Jobs didn’t mention, including being able to print wirelessly from your iPhone and iPad with iOS 4.2! And that’s just the beginning. We show you exactly what you will get with this power packed upgrade and if November could only come faster. If you own an iPad, thanks to AirPrint and AirPlay, the way you view multimedia (videos, TV, movies, audio, etc) will literally be changed… for the good! Check out the Moxie Mo’s review of iOS 4.2. Speaking of change, Twitter announced this past Tuesday that they’ve completely redesigned and basically gave Twitter a facelift – not only is the site and logo completely redesigned, but there are so many new features and keyboard shortcuts, that your head will spin from all the excitement. Yes, video and photos will now be embedded INTO the Twitter timeline, but that’s not all – just wait until you see what the new Twitter is capable of and why this will keep it as one of the most popular and used social networks for quite some time. If you’re on Twitter and want to stay moxie, you have to follow the Moxie Mo Show on Twitter (please) – the Moxie Mo would love to have you as a friend on Twitter! Last but certainly not least, Samsung just announced today (Thursday
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