Q&A: Which is better? Ipad or Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Question by Hercules R: Which is better? Ipad or Samsung Galaxy Tab?
Please, I need suggestions of people that have alredy used both.

-Which touchscreen is better?
-The camera of the Samsung Galaxy is good?
-Is the Samsung Galaxy too small?
-Which is faster?
-What are the disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy? and of the Ipad?
-GPS working is good in both? which one is better?
-Games in Samsung Galaxy are as well as in Ipad?
– Which has better WiFi signal?

Apart from these questions, do have any other suggestions or comments?

Best answer:

Answer by tdawg
i have went through this in my meetings, we have concluded that the ipad is definitely a more improved product. the galaxy s has only a 3mp camera, which is a big difference compared to the 8mp evo or the 5mp iphone 4. apple has the top of the line way in using apps. the way the are setup and used just takes things to another level. the ipad is constructed to be the most enhanced design of any other tablet.

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