Samsung Continuum: Two displays not better than one

Samsung Continuum: Two displays not better than one
When we first heard about the Samsung Continuum (0 with a two-year contract from Verizon), we were equally skeptical and intrigued. Does a full-touch smartphone really need a secondary “ticker” display? While we found the ticker display more useful than annoying, it still might not be for everyone — and it can occasionally be a pain to use.
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Best Buy to sell Google Nexus S phone
Samsung’s (005930.KS) Nexus S phone, based on the latest version of Google’s Android software, will go on sale this month in the United States and Britain through Best Buy and Carphone Warehouse .
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Samsung Galaxy Tab surpasses a million sales
It looks like Samsung’s huge wager in entering the tablet market with a 0 device is not exactly going down in the flop books. The company is now reporting one million units have been sold and it expects to still reach another 500,000 by the end of the year. read more
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