What “Tech item” should I get? PLZ ANSWER?

Question by CarolinaLuvGurl: What “Tech item” should I get? PLZ ANSWER?
I have the samsung impression and a 2nd generation ipod touch. I recently had my birthday and thought of buying something with my birthday money. I obviously don’t have enough for all of these items, but I can save up. What item makes the most sense?

-iPhone 4 (thought i can sell my ipod touch and maybe my phone for some extra money AND so i don’t need to carry around 2 things everywhere) and i dont care about the 3G monthly price and stuff cuz i can figure out a way i can convince my parents to pay for it…

-iPad I don’t have enough money yet but I can save some…

-Sony VAIO still don’t have enough money but i’d get the new one, in blue.

-Other phone i like the LG ally (cuz of the keyboard like my impression) and yes i know i have att and the ally is on verizon but i can just go on someones plan easily…

-Sony dash I dont know about this but it seems like a cheaper version of ipad

-that new galaxy S tablet I know samsungs a good company and stuff and with the camera and stuff, it looks really nice. I just don’t know the price of this.

-LG or Samsung 32″ flat screen TV I dont have enough money but I can save. I have a 20″ flat screen tv in my room and its small and not very…well, flat… 😉

-Macbook Pro my sister has one, and i really like it. I think the Sony VAIO (listed ealier) is sorta like it and is cheaper, but i know apple is a very trusted brand. I for sure dont have enough money for this eather

Which do u think i should get? PLZ ANSWER

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Answer by Mazin Alneami
I would get an iphone 4, because the iphone can exactly the same stuff as an ipad, you can go on the internet so basically replaces getting a laptop, you can also watch tv on the iphone wherever u are, and getting a mac wud take you a long time to save, yes there gud, but i think it costs too much, and not worth the money.

All in all get an iphone 4, basically it does everything on the list, in 1 small gadget 🙂

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